Creatives and Entrepreneurs Who Know The Importance of Strong Brand Imagery  

Our Mission

To create beautiful photos that take your brand and company to the next level. Making the process quick, giving you photos that increase sales, tell a story, and elevate your brand.

Food photography

We found during our startup journey how critically import it is for businesses to have effective visual content. Consumers are looking to visual platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to make their purchasing decisions. The one thing that the high converting products have in common is the high quality and compelling photos that tell a story.

Restaurant photography

Our Creative Studio is located in Portland Oregon. We use both our studio and outdoor settings in the pacific NW to give you result driven photos that generate more revenue for your company. The studio is professional grade with state of the art equipment for the best photos possible. Our goal is to be your go to solution for content creation and grow your brand while you focus on all the other aspects of your business

Our Founders

Product photographer

Loren Castillo

Photography has been a passion ever since the dark room in high school. Since then Loren has gone on to start many companies including clothing, real estate investing, theater production, video production, food production and was even Emmy nominated while getting to travel all over the world to shoot for some of the biggest brands and names on TV. Over 30 years experience in photography and film. Serial entrepreneur who loves creating and telling a story. 

Megan Benedict

 Started her entrepreneur career in the food industry and quickly gained a new passion for social media management and creative. Taking social accounts from zero to 10 of thousand of followers.

Who We Work With?

We want to work with new exciting brands, help revamp old brands and push the envelope with how the visual messaging of your product has been done in the past. We want to take the stress off of your hand. We can relate and are here to help take your brand and product to where it’s never been before.