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Why High Quality Photos Matter. 

Megan Benedict

October 15th 2019

Welcome to In Cloud Studios. We believe high level Product Photography should be a part of every business. We know first hand as serial product entrepreneurs, how important it is to have high quality photos. Below we share with you why we feel so strongly about the importance of high quality content, and why high quality photography and video will generate more revenue giving you a great return on your investment.

Great photos are used for more then your online store and website. Now more then ever new high quality photos are used on a daily basis. Most companies use 3-5 different social media platforms every single day multiple times a day. If posting between 2-4 times a day on 2-4 platforms (yes the big guys do this) that means your posting around 16 times a day, that’s 112 times a week and 5824 a year just in social media! Those numbers alone make most business owners cringe and think there is no way to keep up with that amount while running a business. The only way to keep up is to hire full time content creators, social media marketing managers and the list goes on. You do not need to go this extreme by any means, the point is there is a reason why the big guys spend there money and energy on social. Its return is huge!

1. The platform alone does not cost you anything.

You do not have to pay to use Instagram, Pintrest, Facebook etc, you do have to pay for billboards, magazine spots etc. If you get your following up on social you could advertise to thousands every single day multiple times a day. Magazines charge thousands for one slot on a page that may get a couple thousand eyeballs and little return on investment if any. The people following you on social are already people who are interested in what you do. This is huge!

 2. The data for paid marketing is like nothing else.

If you do start to get into paid digital marketing the data is a huge tool to help generate more revenue and fast. If you know how to set up social adds and run them properly you can learn a lot about your audience. You can also get the exact dollar amount it takes for you to acquire a new customer and know exactly who buys your product, where they live, what they like, and people who look like the people who follow you. If using other paid advertising like in-mail flyers, magazines your ROI will be a lot less accurate and more difficult to figure out.

Creating content for social media is a never ending job, when you have the right photos that tell a story and bring emotion generating revenue happens very quickly. If your even thinking about doing digital marketing paid ads, (which you should because they work extremely well) We always recommend having high quality visuals. Not having high quality visuals and running paid adds is basically throwing your hard earned money out the window. We have tested for years various photographs, videos, wording editing, colors with our own. After testing we know what works and doesn’t work and want to help other brands grow with out breaking the bank to get there.


We have created a platform to help people launching a brand new product get to the success they dreamed of. For example if you have a product your launching on Amazon, Etsy, or ebay you need three very important visual pieces that will make your product successful. This includes minimum three white background photos that are clear and well lit this must be done in a studio, at least one lifestyle shot showing your product in real world this can be very simple, and last a 30 sec to 1 min explainer video with a well spoken model highlighting your product the entire time. This is our Launch package check it our here.

The other popular package is our Social media content package. This is great for a small to medium size business. We will create beautiful photos for you to use on all social media platforms, instagram, facebook, blog, etc. The social media photos will also be great to use when you start doing paid digital adds. The best part is there is a subscription option so you can receive new photos every single month and never worry again about content. We take working with you and your brand very seriously and want to create a relationship where you receive photos that take your brand to where you have always dreamed of.

We also offer a few smaller packages, like our white background package for any new products you need to add to your website. And our lifestyle package, we use models to show your product in every day use, Lifestyle takes your brand to the next level giving it that personal touch.

Welcome to InCloudStudios we cant wait to work with you and get creative. Please feel free to email us or talk to us via live chat on our website.