7 Reason To Have High Quality Photos For Your Business

7 Reason Why Your Business Needs High Quality Photos

Today more then ever image and photos are becoming more important for every business. If your a business with a product it needs to speak to your audience and tell a story. Competition is fierce and good photographers are booking up like crazy. The demand of having fresh photos isn't just for your website its for all your social media needs. The top brands are posting minimum 2 new professional photos a day on just one platform. Thats 730 photos a year for just Instagram alone. Below you will find 7 reason to keep up your photo game and some tips and tricks to do it yourself. 

1. Photography Grabs Viewer Attention Fast.

We live in a visual world now. Everywhere we look we see photos and videos. Our brain can process images at very high speeds. We can quickly tell when a photo captures our attention or if it its to boring and dull we continue on. If the photo is vibrate enough, attractive enough then we will spend more time focusing on that image and become curious to see what else the image may have to offer. Grabbing your viewers attention quickly and then keeping them focused on your image is key to brands. 

2. Humans Prefer visual. 

Visuals are easy for us to digest and remember. Images can strike emotion weather it be laughter, sadness etc and with emotion we can recall information that we saw in the past better then if we were to just read it. Taking a plain photo of your product doesn't tell a story and strike emotion there needs to be a scene/setting that will captures your viewers attention. Get creative, because of our visual world even our phones have some pretty great cameras and editing apps. Download some apps like VSCO, and Snapseed and play around use that creative side of your brain. 

3. Images and Video Create Connection

Because of the amount of images and videos we see daily it is harder then ever to capture your audiences attention. Low resolution photos just wont cut it. Thinking outside the box being a creative marketing genius take a lot of thought and strategy. Visuals allow your brand to have consistant messaging leading to increase in familiarity with the brand. The more they see your brand and recognize it time and time again because the messaging and visuals are on point creates loyalty which is what all of us brands long for. 

4. High Quality Images Drive Leads

Using platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Pintrest allows your audience to actually engage with you and engagement means more leads.  Now more then ever most brands are using digital marketing like facebook ads and google ad words. Why? Because they work, you can track your data like nothing else and you know your ROI. Most brands are using digital ads making it that much more critical your visuals stand out and can keep up with the big dogs. For any digital marketing campaigns we highly suggest you spend the money on a professional to create the content or your wasting your most likely wasting and loosing money.

5. Content Can Be Repurposed. 

Lets be real good quality content is expensive. The photographer studios and the amount of content you product adds up to tens of thousands of dollars to 100's of thousands to millions for bigger brands. The More quality content images and videos you have the more you can repurpose to actually save you money. You can take good quality content and spread it to various platforms at different times, use if for a blog post later, or even an add later on hitting all different buying funnels. 

6. Content can go Viral. Meaning it can be shared and viewed thousands of times. With high quality imaging and a strong story and brand it not that hard to go viral. This to will help build brand awareness loyalty and also doesn't cost much to go viral. 

7. Good Quality Photos Gets sales. 

This one may sound repetitive but it is crucial. Marketing ultimately needs to lead to sales for your brand. No brand gets any where these days with out beautiful photos that bring emotion. If your spending money on marketing good photography is apart of that. In the end it will be worth it, the return on investment will come. Its not just the big dogs that can afford high quality photos now more then ever you can find good photographers that take your brand to the next level. Check out our options for product photography packages, we even have subscriptions options focusing on social media content specifically.


Photography and video is crucial to your brands success. Having high quality photos that elevate your brand is even more important. With technology there is more and more talented photographers to help take you to that level. When starting out make sure you interview a few and look at their work. Ask yourself do you like there style, can they adjust styles and have they worked with products before? Just because they are an amazing editorial photographer does not mean they can do product. Product is an entire different game and required different equipment and mindset. If your on a budget you can also find a nice used camera on craigslist (they are always for sale) and start teaching yourself how to shoot and edit at least the basics. If anything its fun and  a great skill to have. High end photos will get you to that next level and its more obtainable then you may think.