5 Tips For 2019 Fall Content

Is Your Fall Content Done?


Don't worry you still have time! 

I see all too often companies we work with NOT pre-planning any content and doing everything last minute leading to mistake after mistake due to feeling rushed and overwhelmed. 

This does NOT have to be you! 

Yes you can totally do last minute posts, and should at times but not everything!

Your team will appreciate pre-planned content and so will your mind.

Thinking and brainstorming ahead of time to really get the best photos and marketing plan together for this season will ultimately lead to more sales. 

And best of all a happier healthier company!

Here are our 5 tips that will prepare you for success and leave you with more time to focus on other aspects of running the company

Let's get to work!

Tip 1: Just Do It! 

Okay I know what your thinking...


But we see time and time again how our long lists of "must get done today" end up on the back burner.

Content can take a long time.

Again... No Sh*t

The thinking, the planning, the buying supplies, the setting up, the waiting for the right light the list goes on.

News Flash! 

It can be super quick and you can capture some of your best product shots in less then an hour. 

If the time of creating content tends to overwhelm you, schedule in 1 hour this week and just do it!

You will blow your self away of how many photos you can actually capture in an hour.

Here's how we would break it down to do a fast shoot. 

1. 20min brain storm session. This is where you have no distractions for 20 mins and write down all the ideas you can possibly think of for the shoot just write the entire 20 mins

2. Take 10 mins to pick your best ideas and the ones that are the least time consuming. Save the more time consuming ones for a later date

3. Schedule 1 hour of time to do the shoot. Do this during the day with natrual lighting for ease of photos and JUST DO IT.

4. Schedule 30 mins to do a quick edit, filter whatever your skill level is and then schedule your posts using Hootsuite. 

Bam Fall is done and you're ready to move onto.... 

Dare I say it! 


Blog coming soon. 

2. Leave Blank Space

Blank space is your friend.

See image above for an example or check out our Instagram for more examples of blank space photos.

Blank space in photos allows you to edit after the shoot. 

We love using Canva for quick fun theme edits that can give your photos that much more variety.

You can add in font for sales you are doing this fall, or more graphics to give your photo a little flare. 

Editing in Canva can take 5-10 mins and you're ready to rock. 

3: Get Outside

For most of us the weather tends to be pretty bearable in most parts of the US during the fall season.

Which means getting outside for some photos is a must

The days are still long and the light is perfect.

Some places we love to shoot in the fall is on close in hiking trails, pumpkin patches, coast (if nearby) and urban areas.

Switch up the scene with your product or model with different trees, flowers, bushes and backgrounds.

You will be able to capture a lot of variety with an outdoor shoot. 

4. Take One Day To Schedule Out The Month

You read that right schedule your Shizz!!!

Most high-end agency schedule out their client's content months in advance.

You can easily do this using an auto scheduler like Hootsuite to schedule out post for the entire month on all social media platforms.

We suggest blocking out about 4-8 hours for most small businesses to get started.

Key things that will help you create faster is picking a theme for the month, it could be a giveaway or challenge for your following.

Make it fun and simple.

The copy can take the majority of your time so focus on this. 

Your visuals should be complete, now sit back relax and let writing flow.

5. Be Flexible! 

Just because you did your photoshoot and scheduled your post doesn't mean you cant change anything.

If something comes up that is incredible capture it and post it!

We see all to often small businesses not allow flexibility into their social plan, but is that really being authentic?

Social media marketing shouldn't be picture perfect all the time, more and more consumers want authentic brands they can relate to.

So be relatable!

Allow your self and your team to have flexibility especially if you feel a campaign just isn't going as you saw it.

Social media marketing is fun and creative let your mind explore new looks and feels for your brand. 

It can actually be really therapeutic.

Look at what others are doing this fall and get inspired. Its okay to look at what others are doing and put your own twist on things. 

Don't forget to tag us in your fall photos this year! @incloudstudios