We create on brand photography for small business taking your revenue and vision to the next level

Why In Cloud Studios?

We are more than product photography! We are business builders and consider ourselves part of your team by providing visuals that will enhance your brand and    take your marketing to the next level.

We are brand experts. From running our own million dollar e-commerce company we know how important visuals are in all aspects from website to social. We are here to help your brand stand out from everyone else. Giving you time to focus on all the other aspects of running a business. 

Personalized Service

Every product and brand is unique. We focus on capturing your voice and work with you throughout the entire process to make sure your vision comes alive.   

High Quality

We know how much agencies and studio cost. Because you ship us your product it reduces overhead to give you more creative photos without breaking the bank. Bonus savings if you live near Portland Oregon. 


We know first hand as entrepreneurs how much content you actually need every week. It's never ending and this is why we offer a membership option. Never worry about not having enough content again!

How It Works

You Ship It 

We live in beautiful Portland, OR so if you are close we would love to meet you but if you don't then just ship us the item/s that you want shot and we will mail them back to you after we're done. 

We Shoot It 

Once you ship your product we will talk to find out more of what you are looking for. Colors to use, flatlay, dark, conceptual, what is the message you are trying to get across? We come up with a few ideas, get supplies get started.

Receive Photos that Elevate your brand

After we've shot your images we will send you a file with all of them to download. From there you are free to use them however you like: Social media, print ads, catalogue, website. 

How High Quality Photos Leads to more sales

Check out this blog article for 7 reasons why high quality photos make a difference

Bri Amaranthus lifesytle photo

Elevate Your Brand with high quality photography

Learn three different ways to photograph your product to elevate your brand. Professional product photos can increase the number of sales and increase the sales price.

Package Options



Need images for your website or Amazon? We’ve got the solution. We create beautiful images set on a white/black background.

Matching the specifications for Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, or your E-commerce site. Volume discounts available




This content package is perfect if you are looking to have a more creative scene than white/black background. Receive 20 new fresh photos for a one time project or start a subscription and save. Perfect for for social media, website and marketing. We will tell a story with your product that aligns with your brand. We work with you and your team on your vision or leave it up to us.  



Model time! Nothing speaks louder than having some great lifestyle shots with real people. This package includes a model and your product.

We will create compelling photos that bring your product to life.